Best 10 MG HS Features 1st Gen 2020.| DO YOU KNOW?

Best 10 MG HS Features 1st Gen 2020

Best 10 MG HS Features 1st Gen 2020.| DO YOU KNOW?

Comparison Between MG HS Features& Other SUVs

MG motors made its first debut in Pakistan in November 2010. The first MG vehicle that came to Pakistan was MG HS.  This MG HS SUV won the heart of many Pakistani people and helped MG to make its way into the Pakistan market.

Best 10 MG HS Features 1st Gen 2020 is Given Below.

1. Emergency Braking

MG HS has Active Emergency Braking (AEB) feature. The car stops automatically whenever there’s another vehicle, a bicycle, or a pedestrian in front of it. This helps avoid road accidents and reduce damages.  

2. Heated Side Mirrors

The next cool thing about MG HS is that it comes with heated side mirrors. With this feature, you can have a clear side view during fog or snow and see the cars behind you.

3. Blind Spot Monitoring

The blind-spot monitoring feature of MG HS alerts the driver about the cars coming behind. When the car’s system detects something, a yellow light blinks in the side view mirrors.

4. Heated & Ventilated Seats

In MG HS, the front two passengers are never too cold or too hot. They can set the desired temperature for their seats and enjoy the drive.

5. Cool Box

The cool box in MG HS is a treat for Summers. You can store water bottles or juice boxes in this mini-refrigerator and have fun on hot summer days.

6. Paddle Shifters

MG HS has something no other SUV in Pakistan has — paddle shifters. You can manually shift the gears and have more control over the road. This feature also improves the performance of your car.

7. Anti-Trap Panoramic Sunroof

Most Pakistanis fancy panoramic sunroofs, and there are many SUVs available in the market that have this feature. The panoramic sunroof in MG HS has an anti-trap functionality, so the sunroof does not snub your hand if it gets trapped in there.

8. SuperSport Mode

Many SUVs have a Sport mode to rev the car engine with the best acceleration. Then there is MG HS, which has a SuperSport mode that turns the car into a beast and unleashes its real power.

9. 360° Camera

In case you are not a parking pro, don’t worry; MG HS has got your back. Its 360° camera automatically turns on while you turn or park your car.

10. Six Airbags

Last but not least, MG HS has six airbags to keep all the passengers safe during accidents.   Best 10 MG HS Features 1st Gen 2020
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    I find the sports seats in the mg hs exclusive very hard

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