Stylish, Strong, Safe: Comparing Santa Fe & Changan Oshan X7

Santa Fe and Changan Oshan X7 Comparison

Stylish, Strong, Safe: Comparing Santa Fe & Changan Oshan X7

In the competitive world of SUVs, two vehicles have risen to prominence in the Pakistan market: the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Changan Oshan X7. These two models are not just regular SUVs; they embody style, power, and safety. Let’s delve deep into these formidable vehicles and discover what makes each of them stand out.

Dimensions and Exterior Presence

The Hyundai Santa Fe stands with slightly larger dimensions of 4785x1900x1710mm compared to the Oshan X7 Comfort’s 4730x1870x1720mm. Such dimensions lend Santa Fe a more imposing and majestic stance. However, the Oshan X7 holds its ground with a higher ground clearance, ensuring a smoother experience on challenging terrains.

Both these vehicles boast stylish exterior features. Alloy Wheels, Front Fog Lights, and Adjustable Headlights are standard. While Hyundai has chosen a chrome finish for its door handles, Changan prefers a body-colored elegance. Such choices reflect the attention to detail and the aesthetics that each brand offers.

Power and Performance

Hyundai Santa Fe boasts hybrid technology, offering 227 HP @ 5500 RPM power and 350 Nm @ 4400 RPM of torque. This ensures not only powerful performance but also an eco-friendly drive. On the flip side, Changan Oshan X7 Comfort is a petrol beast with 185 HP @ 5000 RPM of power and 300 Nm @ 4400 RPM of torque, making sure that it doesn’t lag in delivering robust performance.

When it comes to transmission, Santa Fe offers a 6-speed Automatic, while Oshan X7 takes the lead with a 7-speed Automatic one, ensuring smoother gear transitions.

Comfort and Interior Brilliance

The interiors of both SUVs radiate luxury. From air conditioners, climate control, and defoggers ensuring a comfortable atmosphere to smart keyless entries enhancing the user experience, they have it all. Hyundai Santa Fe offers seating for five with heated leather seats, giving you that premium feel, whereas the Oshan X7 provides a faux leather experience.

Both SUVs also provide functionalities like keyless entry, push-start functionality, power steering, power windows, and power mirrors, ensuring convenience is at the fingertips of the driver.

Safety – A Paramount Concern

Safety is a domain where neither of these vehicles compromises. Features like Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Down Hill Assist Control, Hill Start Assist Control, Traction Control, and Vehicle Stability Control are common among them. Both vehicles prioritize the safety of passengers, ensuring a secure driving experience.

Price Point – Value for Money

The introductory price point is where a noticeable difference lies. The Hyundai Santa Fe Signature stands at Rs. 14,699,000, while the Changan Oshan X7 Comfort is priced at Rs. 8,549,000. The choice becomes a balance between brand value, features, and one’s budget.

Final Verdict

Both the Hyundai Santa Fe and Changan Oshan X7 have their strengths. While the former brings hybrid technology and luxurious interiors, the latter offers value for money coupled with robust performance. For those looking to enhance their vehicles further, Auto2000sports is the best Car Accessories and modification parts Store in Pakistan. They provide quality products to ensure your SUV stands out in both performance and style.


Is Hyundai Santa Fe’s hybrid technology better than Changan Oshan X7’s petrol engine?

Both have their merits. While Santa Fe’s hybrid technology is eco-friendly, the Oshan X7’s petrol engine ensures robust performance.

Which SUV offers better ground clearance?

Changan Oshan X7 Comfort offers better ground clearance, making it apt for challenging terrains.

Where can I find the best accessories for these SUVs in Pakistan?

Auto2000sports is the leading store for car accessories and modification parts in Pakistan, ensuring quality and variety.

Do both SUVs offer keyless entry?

Yes, both the Hyundai Santa Fe and Changan Oshan X7 provide keyless entry and push-start functionality.

Which SUV offers a better transmission system?

While both are efficient, the Oshan X7 takes a slight lead with its 7-speed Automatic transmission.


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