Get Your Dream Hyundai Car: Major Price Drop Announced!

Hyundai Car Major Price Drop Announced

Get Your Dream Hyundai Car: Major Price Drop Announced!

For all the automobile enthusiasts out there, this news is sure to delight you. The automotive giant Hyundai, known for its reliability, durability, and technologically advanced designs, has just declared an exceptional price reduction across its prominent models in Pakistan. If you’ve been holding off on that new Hyundai car purchase, there couldn’t be a better time. Let’s dive deep into what Hyundai’s announcement holds for prospective car buyers.

Hyundai’s Market Stance

Hyundai, a South Korean multinational automotive brand, has steadily made its mark in the global automotive market, and Pakistan is no exception. With its vast range of models catering to different segments of the market, Hyundai has always aimed to offer quality products at competitive rates. This price reduction only solidifies Hyundai’s commitment to its customer base, focusing on affordability while not compromising on the quality of Hyundai cars.

What Prompted the Price Drop?

Economic factors play a pivotal role in such decisions. The recent strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar has acted as a catalyst for this price revision. Instead of pocketing the extra profit, Hyundai has opted for a consumer-centric approach. Hyundai Nishat Motor (Pvt.) Limited is passing on the benefits to Hyundai car buyers, a move sure to cement its place further in the hearts of the Pakistani populace.

Models and Price Revision

Several popular Hyundai models witnessed a price drop, making them even more accessible and appealing to the masses. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Hyundai ElantrThis sporty sedan witnessed a drop, with the Elantra 1.6 now priced at 6,399,000 PKR from its previous 6,599,000 PKR, and the Elantra 2.0 now at 6,930,000 PKR, down from 7,130,000 PKR.
  • Hyundai Tucson: The SUV range also saw significant cuts. The Tucson GLS Sport, which was 8,230,000 PKR, now stands at 8,030,000 PKR. Meanwhile, the Tucson Ultimate’s price dropped to 8,659,000 PKR from 8,859,000 PKR.
  • Hyundai SonatFor those looking at luxury, the Sonata 2.0 now has a new price tag of 9,979,000 PKR, down from 10,329,000 PKR, and the Sonata 2.5 is now available at 10,930,000 PKR, previously priced at 11,280,000 PKR.
  • Hyundai Porter: The Porter series, known for its utility, has also become more budget-friendly. The Porter High Deck, for instance, now costs 3,729,000 PKR, down from its earlier 3,829,000 PKR.

Customer-Centric Approach

Acknowledging the positive response from its customers, Hyundai continues to uphold its mission of prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company emphasizes transparency and fairness, and this price reduction is a testament to their dedication to their consumers.

Why This Is the Perfect Time

With the economic uncertainties worldwide, Hyundai has encouraged its customers to maximize this opportunity. The price revision is effective immediately, beckoning all to check out the updated Ex-factory prices and choose their dream Hyundai car.


In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, where brands are in a constant tug-of-war to outdo each other, Hyundai’s price drop comes as a refreshing change. It’s not just about buying a Hyundai car; it’s about investing in a brand that values its customers and their hard-earned money. And while you’re at it, for those in Pakistan looking to accessorize or modify their new Hyundai car, Auto2000sports offers an extensive range of car accessories and auto modification parts. With Hyundai’s unmatched quality and Auto2000sports’ vast selection, you’re all set to hit the roads in style!


How significant is the price drop for Hyundai cars in Pakistan?

Hyundai has announced a major price drop across various popular models due to the strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar.

Which Hyundai models have seen the price revision?

Several models, including Hyundai Elantra, Tucson, Sonata, and Porter, have witnessed a significant price reduction.

Where can I buy accessories for my new Hyundai car?

For those in Pakistan, Auto2000sports is a recommended store for car accessories and auto modification parts.

Is the price drop effective immediately?

Yes, the price reduction is effective immediately. Customers are advised to check updated Ex-factory prices.

Does Hyundai plan to introduce new models in Pakistan soon?

While the current article emphasizes the price drop, Hyundai, as a global brand, is always evolving, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they unveil new models in the near future.


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