New Toyota Yaris – Setting New Benchmarks in Road Safety

Toyota Yaris

New Toyota Yaris – Setting New Benchmarks in Road Safety

The automobile industry is continuously evolving, with new advancements and developments shaping the future of transportation. Among these shifts, the emphasis on road safety has seen unprecedented importance. Leading the charge in this crucial domain is the new Toyota Yaris, which has recently set an extraordinary benchmark in terms of safety standards.

Toyota Yaris: A Brief Overview

The Toyota Yaris is not new to the automobile market. Since its inception, it has been a favorite compact car for many due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordable pricing. However, with the launch of the fourth-generation model, Toyota seems to have taken a gigantic leap forward, especially in the road safety department.

The Rise to Five-Star Glory

The ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) is renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive vehicle safety evaluations. The recent accolade for the fourth-generation Toyota Yaris speaks volumes about the car’s improvements. Achieving a five-star rating from the ASEAN NCAP, especially considering the more stringent evaluation process for the years 2021-2025, is no small feat.

The Malaysian Vios G variant was put to the test, and it set the precedent for other Thai-made Yaris models slated for markets in Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, and Cambodia.

Scoring Big in Key Safety Categories

Adult Occupant Protection (AOP): For any car, the safety of its adult passengers is paramount. The Toyota Yaris scored an impressive 35.25 out of 40 in this category. Such a score instills confidence in the car’s ability to safeguard its passengers in unforeseen circumstances.

Child Occupant Protection (COP): Child safety is a primary concern for families. Here, Yaris didn’t disappoint either, securing 16.64 out of a possible 20.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): These modern-day features play a vital role in avoiding accidents and ensuring the car’s response in critical situations is top-notch. With a score of 16.08 out of 20, Yaris is up there with the best in its category.

Motorcycling Safety (MS): A lesser-discussed but equally important factor is the vehicle’s safety considerations for motorcyclists. With a score of 10.73, Yaris continues its trend of setting high benchmarks.

In total, the 2023 Toyota Yaris accumulated 78.70 points, propelling it to the exclusive club of vehicles with a five-star ASEAN NCAP certification.

A Past to Learn From

For a true appreciation of how far the Yaris has come, one only needs to glance at the past. The previous generation model managed just a single star in the Latin NCAP rating. Now, with a massive leap in safety standards, the latest Yaris stands shoulder to shoulder with premium cars.


Safety should never be compromised, and with the new Toyota Yaris, it’s evident that Toyota adheres to this principle religiously. For those looking to enhance their Yaris experience further, Auto2000sports is the go-to destination. Recognized as the best Car Accessories and modification parts Store in Pakistan, Auto2000sports ensures that your Yaris not only stays safe but also looks stylish and runs at its optimum level.

With the new Toyota Yaris, not only are you investing in a vehicle but also in peace of mind, knowing that the car is equipped to handle challenges that may come its way. It is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to keeping drivers and passengers safe.


How has the new Toyota Yaris improved in safety ratings?

The 2023 model of Toyota Yaris has achieved a five-star rating from ASEAN NCAP, a significant improvement from the previous generation’s one-star rating from the Latin NCAP.

Is the Toyota Yaris safe for children?

Absolutely. The Yaris scored 16.64 out of 20 in the Child Occupant Protection (COP) category, indicating a high safety standard for younger passengers.

Where can I get the best accessories and modifications for the new Toyota Yaris?

Auto2000sports is the top recommendation for all car accessories and modification needs. Known as the best in Pakistan, they offer a wide range of products to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance.

Does the new Yaris feature modern safety technologies like AEB and ADAS?

Yes, the new Toyota Yaris boasts Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), scoring 16.08 out of 20 in this category.

How does the 2023 Toyota Yaris compare to its predecessors in terms of safety?

The 2023 Yaris has shown a massive improvement in safety, moving from a one-star rating in the Latin NCAP for its previous generation to a five-star ASEAN NCAP certification for the latest model.


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