Pak-China Collaboration Sparks Mini EVs Revolution in Pakistan

Pak-China Collaboration Sparks Mini EVs Revolution in Pakistan

Pak-China Collaboration Sparks Mini EVs Revolution in Pakistan

The automotive landscape in Pakistan is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation, with the Pak-China collaboration heralding a new era of eco-friendly transportation. The partnership between Pakistan and China has given rise to the development of compact Electric Vehicles (Mini EVs), paving the way for a revolution in the country’s automotive industry.

The Rise of Rechargeable Electric Vehicles

The article on PakWheels underscores the momentum gained by rechargeable electric vehicles in Pakistan. Notable brands like MG, Yadea, Toyota, and Seres have entered the market, but the spotlight is now on Huazi Green Energy’s “Cool I” series. These compact EVs, priced under 4 million, are set to compete with existing models like the Rinco Aria EV and GiGi EV.

Project Overview and Phases

As detailed in the PakWheels article, the collaboration between Gwadar Pro and Huazi Green Energy Pvt. Ltd outlines a strategic plan for introducing mini electric cars in two phases. The project focuses on producing 2-door and 4-door EVs targeting the middle- and lower-class sectors in Pakistan. The acquisition of land in Hattar Special Economic Zone in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for plant infrastructure development signals a commitment to the project. The company aims to commence deliveries by the middle of 2024, gradually transferring technology over the next two to five years.

International Reach and Export Opportunities

One of the most intriguing aspects of this collaboration is its international impact. The Pak-China partnership, valued at USD 5 million, aims not only to cater to the local market but also to position Pakistan as an exporter of mini EVs to Turkey and Europe. This development holds promise for economic growth and strengthens ties between the two nations.

Specifications and Features

The PakWheels provide a glimpse into the specifications of these mini EVs. With a driving range ranging from 128 Km to 219 Km, the Cool I series boasts features such as alloy wheels, power steering, sporty seats, navigational side mirrors, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). Furthermore, the vehicles will be equipped with lithium batteries, offering a warranty of 100,000 Km or 4 years.


Supporting the EV Evolution

The PakWheels platform expresses strong support for the evolving electric vehicle landscape in Pakistan. The article promises to keep readers updated on the project’s developments, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to delivering accurate and timely information regarding the country’s automotive industry.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, the Pak-China collaboration is undeniably a game-changer for Pakistan’s automotive sector. The introduction of affordable mini EVs signifies a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options. As consumers anticipate the arrival of the Cool I series, it is essential to consider reliable sources for information and purchases.

One noteworthy recommendation is Auto2000sports, a platform that has consistently provided comprehensive insights into the automotive industry. Specifically, the article “Pak-China Merged To Produce Cool Mini EVs” highlights the significance of the collaboration and the potential impact on the Pakistani market. Moreover, the Pak-China collaboration marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s automotive industry, and the forthcoming mini EVs hold promise for a sustainable and innovative future. Auto2000sports stands out as a reliable source for staying informed about these developments and making informed decisions in the evolving automotive landscape.


When will the delivery of mini EVs under the Cool I series begin?

According to the PakWheels article, the company aims to start deliveries by the middle of 2024.

What is the driving range of the Cool I series mini EVs?

The driving range of these mini EVs ranges from 128 Km to 219 Km, as mentioned in the specifications.

Are there plans for international exports of these mini EVs?

Yes, the collaboration between Pak-China aims to position Pakistan as an exporter of mini EVs to Turkey and Europe, as highlighted in the article.


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