Sazgar Haval H6 – Specs and Pricing Revealed

Sazgar Haval H6 - Specs and Pricing Revealed

Sazgar Haval H6 – Specs and Pricing Revealed

If you love the design of SUVs, check out Sazgar Haval H6. This midsize SUV has a sleek, streamlined design that will turn heads wherever you go. And while it looks good on the outside, you’ll also find plenty of great amenities inside– including an advanced infotainment system, storage space, and more! Read on to learn more about this vehicle and its available features, specs, and pricing details!

Sazgar Haval H6 - Specs and Pricing Revealed


This latest car offering by Sazgar is the four-wheel-drive variant of the all-new H6 range that was launched earlier this year. The SUV will be powered by a 2.0-liter engine mated to a high-speed automatic transmission, delivering power to axles through differentials. Special high-strength steel has been used for building the chassis, which also houses new technologies.

These innovations include the adaptive cruise control system, driver safety system, collision warning system, and lane keeping assist. The company offers optional features such as a keyless entry with a push-button start and 21 alloy wheels. In short, this can is a perfect family vehicle for those who want an off-road and on-road experience. Priced at Rs7 million (ex-showroom) in Pakistan, it competes against other SUVs in its segment, including the Toyota Innova Crysta, Ford Endeavour, and Nissan Terrano.

On the outside

The Sazgar Haval SUV offers five seats. With a generous cargo capacity, you have 1,504 liters to carry anything you need to haul. The exterior style is based on safety first, with side-curtain airbags that protect both outboard and front occupants if required. Plus, it has projector headlights with LED daytime running lights to help keep you safe at night. And the foglights are built into the grill, so they will always be there when you need them. If you want an SUV that can do it all, this one’s for you!

New Sazgar Haval H6 - Specs and Pricing

Sazgar Haval H6 Interior Style

The Sazgar Haval H6 car has a five-seater setup. The front row has an electric adjustment to get the driver comfortable. Front passengers will find it slightly tighter to enter the vehicle, but this should improve over time as you use the seat height. The seats themselves are very comfortable even on long journeys.

It feels like sitting on your couch at home; that’s how comfy they are! There is ample legroom in the back for passengers and their luggage. With this spaciousness, it is not difficult to accommodate three people across the second row. For parents traveling with small children, there is plenty of space for rear-facing child seats.

Sazgar Haval H6 Interior Style

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Sazgar Haval H6 Engine

The new Sazgar Haval h6 has two variants, one is H6 1.5T, and the second is H6 2.0T. The first variant (1.5T) comes with a 1500cc turbo 4-inline cylinder engine that delivers 147hp but is also lightweight and fuel efficient. On the other hand, the second variant (2.0T) comes with a 2000cc turbo engine that delivers 224hp. Therefore, the car offers more power to the driver. 

Sazgar Haval H6 Price in Pakistan

The Sazgar Haval SUVs are very popular among the people of Pakistan, but they have been priced reasonably to get sale in a market that is already overflowing with SUVs. Sazgar Haval H6 comes in 2 variant, H6 1.5T and H6 2.0T. The prices of both variants are different because of their features, such as H6 1.5T comes with a price tag of Rs. 7,599,000, while H6 2.0T comes with a price tag of Rs. 8,499,000. On the other hand, customers who have made partial payments before July 31, 2022, will make total payments per the following rates.

Haval H6 1.5T  PKR 7,099,000

Haval H6 2.0T   PKR 8,149,000

Who makes engines for HAVAL?

HAVAL is one of the leading SUVs in Pakistan. It provides excellent fuel efficiency, agile handling, and comfortable ride quality. SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (a large automotive manufacturer in China) makes engines for HAVAL.


Is Sazgar a Pakistani company?

Yes, Sazgar is a Pakistani-based automobile company. The brand itself has grown in popularity over the last few years by producing some high-quality SUVs. Therefore, this is just one of the many features that make it stand out from other vehicles. The interior of this SUV is also very appealing to buyers looking for luxury within their purchase.

Who is the owner of Sazgar?

Sazgar Haval H6 is the best vehicle of Sazgar Motors, a company with an established tradition in Pakistan. Saira Asad Hameed is the chairperson and non-executive director of the company.

Is Sazgar HAVAL H6 a reliable car?

While there is some discussion about whether Sazgar HAVAL is a reliable car or not, it’s been driving the streets of Pakistan. This car can handle anything in the country, from potholes to speed bumps to crazy drivers. Some folks say that it has one of the most advanced suspension systems in Pakistan. Therefore, Sazgar HAVAL H6 is a perfect choice for those looking for affordable SUVs.


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