Tiggo 4 Pro Gets Pricier: Chery Hits the Market with a Massive Price Surge!

Tiggo 4 Pro on road

Tiggo 4 Pro Gets Pricier: Chery Hits the Market with a Massive Price Surge!

The automotive world is always rife with news, and this week, one of the hottest topics is the significant price increase of the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro. Let’s investigate the details and understand what this might mean for the Pakistani car market.

The Sudden Price Surge

Ghandhara Automobiles Limited, known as Chery Pakistan, announced a surprising move with a considerable price hike for their Tiggo 4 Pro model. The change wasn’t a minor adjustment but a staggering Rs. 600,000 surge. The Tiggo 4 Pro’s price went from Rs. 6,399,000 to a hefty Rs. 6,999,000. While fluctuations in the car market are not uncommon, such a significant leap surely turns heads.

Tiggo 4 Pro: The Background Story

Chery’s journey in the Pakistani market has been a roller coaster. The Tiggo twins, the Tiggo 4 Pro and the Tiggo 8 Pro marked their entry into Pakistan in 2022. Their launch was timed perfectly, aligning with the peak of the crossover SUV craze in the country. However, the market reception was not as welcoming as one would expect.

Amidst fierce competition, the Tiggo models found it challenging to capture a substantial market share. One significant factor contributing to this struggle was the country’s sudden economic downturn right after its launch. The timing was, unfortunately, not in their favor.

The Competition Heats Up

Post the price hike, and the Tiggo 4 Pro is in a precarious position. At nearly Rs. 7 million, it competes directly with well-established names, notably the Peugeot 2008 Active. The Peugeot might lack a few tech-savvy features present in the Tiggo 4 Pro, but it holds an ace up its sleeve – a more recognized brand value. In a market where brand reputation can heavily influence buying decisions, Chery’s Tiggo 4 Pro faces an uphill battle.

Chery Tiggo 4 Pro

The Economic Context

Given the current economic scenario in Pakistan, luxury and even middle-tier vehicles are seeing a reduced demand. The Rupee’s exchange rate against the US Dollar has stagnated, hovering around Rs. 288 for over a month. In such challenging times, the decision to increase the price of a vehicle, especially one already struggling with sales, raises many eyebrows.

The Road Ahead for Chery

Chery must clarify its strategy behind the price hike. While their reasons remain undisclosed, speculations are rampant. Some believe it might be due to increased production costs, while others suggest it could be a tactic to position the Tiggo 4 Pro as a premium offering.

But, in a market that’s largely price-sensitive and brand-conscious, Chery might need more than just a repositioning. They’d require aggressive marketing campaigns, collaborations, and perhaps even partnerships with reputable brands and stores in Pakistan, such as Auto2000sports.

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The automotive industry thrives on innovation, competition, and consumer feedback. While Chery’s decision to hike the Tiggo 4 Pro’s price might seem counterintuitive given the current economic scenario, it’s a bold move. The true success or failure of this strategy will unfold with time.

As consumers, it’s always beneficial to be well-informed and make decisions based on comprehensive research. And if you want to enhance your vehicle, be it a Chery or any other brand, don’t forget to check out the fantastic offerings at Auto2000sports –the best destination for car fans in Pakistan.


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