About Us

We’re not your ordinary car customizing joint. We don’t like making YouTube videos nor do we flaunt our experience; we are Auto2000, your proper one-stop shop for all your car customization needs. Located in Lahore, the shop houses a phenomenal team of technicians, fabricators, designers, electricians, painters and so much more. Every day, the team works towards the goal of creating custom works of art for our clients.

Customization 101

We specialize in all kinds of car customizations on the planet. From wraps to wheels and everything in between, we believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do!

Who is this man? Dude, Myth, or a good old Motorhead?

25 years ago, Shahzad Rasheed started this venture with his bare hands and sheer passion for cars. He was confident that his knack for providing the right service at the right time would satisfy patrons and believe in him. Well, that’s exactly what happened; auto2000 has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of anything cars in the country. But big doesn’t mean our establishment is faceless (and if you’ll pardon a pun) bureaucratic? This just isn’t us. Shahzad Rasheed (affectionately known as Billu Bhai by his friends) cares about everyone who comes into the shop. He’ll help you find what’s right for you and you will have a chance to chit chat over a fantastic cup of tea, green or black, your choice (no mundane YouTube video could beat that)!

From the Boy Racers looking for that deliberate upgrade or them Motor Enthusiasts looking for finer things in life, come over and have a chat. You might be surprised by what we have in store for you.