Revolutionizing the Pakistani Auto Scene: Locally Assembled Haval Jolion Launched

Haval Jolion Launch in Pakistan

Revolutionizing the Pakistani Auto Scene: Locally Assembled Haval Jolion Launched

The realm of automobiles has always been a key player in defining the socio-economic landscape of countries. Pakistan, although possessing a rich history in the automotive industry, has been yearning for a new entrant to shake things up. Enter Sazgar Engineering’s locally assembled Haval Jolion, set to rejuvenate the auto scene.

Pakistan’s Automotive Landscape

Pakistan’s love for vehicles remains unabated despite the oscillating economic conditions and frequently embattled auto industry. With the recent spotlight on the Corolla Cross units sighted in Karachi, the news of the Haval Jolion’s local assembly couldn’t have arrived better. This exciting development is a testament to Pakistan’s resilience, emphasizing the country’s ability to rebound and adapt.

In-Depth Look at the Haval Jolion: Specs & Features

The Haval Jolion, an offering by Sazgar Engineering, promises to be a beacon of innovation and a formidable contender in the Pakistani market.

Engine & Transmission:

The centrepiece of Jolion’s brilliance is its formidable engine, an embodiment of power and efficiency. The locally assembled Haval Jolion retains the signature power of its Completely Built-Up (CBU) counterpart. This 1.5-turbocharged engine, generating an impressive 150hp and 220Nm of torque, is complemented by a 7 DCT transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts and optimal power delivery. The vehicle’s Front front-wheel drive (FWD) mechanism ensures stability and grip, even on challenging terrains.

Exterior Flourishes:

A car’s exterior is its first impression, and the Jolion impresses unequivocally. With electric height-adjustable LED headlamps, it not only ensures a clear view of the road but also boasts a design that gives it a futuristic look. The Way-Home lighting adds an aesthetic allure, making it stand out even in the dark. Additional features like the Panoramic Sunroof (Open-Type) provide a luxury feel and a closer connection to the environment while driving.

Elegant Interior:

Inside, the Haval Jolion’s cabin encapsulates luxury and technology. Every feature, from the 6-way electric adjustable driver seat to the 3-inch touchscreen, has been incorporated with the driver’s utmost convenience in mind. With CarPlay and Android Auto integration, the Haval Jolion ensures you remain connected to the world while moving. Its Dual Zone Auto AC with rear vents ensures that every passenger experiences a tailor-made climate, irrespective of their seating position.

Safety – The Uncompromised Aspect

Safety remains paramount, and the Haval Jolion underscores this ethos compellingly. With a suite of six airbags strategically placed around the vehicle, the Jolion ensures maximum safety in the unfortunate event of a collision. The inclusion of ABS+EBD ensures that the car can execute emergency stops without skidding, offering an added layer of protection.

The Electric Stability Control (ESC) is a testament to the vehicle’s commitment to user safety. This feature monitors the car’s motion, ensuring it remains on its intended path, especially during challenging driving conditions. For terrains that challenge the vehicle’s balance, the Hill Start Assist Control and Hill Descent Control come to the fore. These features ensure the vehicle doesn’t roll undesirably on inclines, providing a stable driving experience.

Advanced driving aids like the 360 View Adaptive Cruise Control, Intelligent Cruise Assist (ICA), and Integrated Adapted Cruise Control (IACC) redefine driving ease, especially during long journeys. These systems work in tandem to monitor and adjust the vehicle’s speed, keeping safe distances from obstacles and other vehicles.

The Jolion also has cutting-edge safety features like Front Collision Warning (FCW) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD). While the FCW alerts the driver of a potential front collision, the BSD ensures that the driver knows vehicles in their blind spot, reducing the chances of side collisions. Including Driver Drowsiness Detection demonstrates how the Jolion prioritizes the driver’s wellbeing. This feature detects signs of fatigue and prompts the driver to take necessary breaks, ensuring they remain alert and safe on the road.


The introduction of Haval Jolion by Sazgar Engineering is not just a win for the company but a victory for Pakistan’s automotive industry. As Pakistan continues to welcome innovative vehicles, car owners must elevate their driving experience with top-notch accessories. We highly recommend [Auto2000sports](, the best Car Accessories and Auto modification parts Store in Pakistan. Enhance your Haval Jolion experience with their range of premium products.


Is the locally assembled Haval Jolion different from the CBU variant?

The locally assembled version offers Power Heated Front Seats, a feature absent in the CBU units.

What is the engine capacity of the Haval Jolion?

The Haval Jolion boasts a 1.5-turbocharged engine.

Does the Haval Jolion offer smartphone connectivity?

Absolutely! It comes equipped with both CarPlay and Android Auto integration.


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