KIA Picanto 2023: The Ultimate Hatchback Experience in Pakistan!

KIA Picanto 2023

KIA Picanto 2023: The Ultimate Hatchback Experience in Pakistan!

KIA, a brand synonymous with reliability and innovation, has come a long way in the automobile industry. Its journey in the Pakistani market has been remarkable, with the KIA Picanto 2023 standing out as one of its shining stars. This hatchback offers an ideal blend of modern features, robust performance, and value for money, making it a preferred choice among many. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this car a must-have for car enthusiasts in Pakistan.

Exquisite Exterior Design

Picanto’s design shows KIA’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence. The car boasts a compact yet sophisticated design, featuring KIA’s signature tiger-nose grille with a chic black mesh and chrome outline. The daytime running lights and multi-focus reflector headlamps add a touch of elegance, ensuring that the car makes a statement wherever it goes.

Comfortable and Feature-packed Interior

The interior of the KIA Picanto 2023 is nothing short of luxurious. With comfortable seating for five passengers, the cabin offers a range of state-of-the-art features. From the two-spoke motor-driven power steering with electronic power steering to the instrument cluster displaying many essential data. This car ensures the driver is always in control. Not to forget the entertainment features – MP3 integration, radio, AUX, USB, Bluetooth audio, and call functionality to ensure every journey is enjoyable.

Powerful Performance

Under the hood, the Picanto houses a Euro 2 compliant 998cc MPI inline 3-cylinder gasoline engine, capable of generating a power of 69/6,200 hp/rpm and a torque of 9.6/3,500 Nm/rpm. This ensures that the car looks good and performs impressively on the road.

KIA Picanto 2023 in Pakistan

Safety and Security

The KIA Picanto 2023 takes safety and security to a whole new level. It ensures that passengers and drivers have unwavering peace of mind whenever they enter the car.

  • Airbags: Airbags are one of the most critical safety features of any modern vehicle. The Picanto comes equipped with two airbags. It ensures that the impact on the driver and the front passenger is significantly reduced in the event of a collision. These airbags act as a cushion, preventing serious injuries.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): ABS ensures that the vehicle’s wheels don’t stop rotating during braking, preventing uncontrolled skidding. With ABS, drivers can continue steering even when applying maximum brakes, allowing them to maneuver around obstacles during emergency braking.
  • Immobilizer: Vehicle theft is a concern for many, and KIA addresses this with its immobilizer feature. This system prevents the engine from starting unless the correct key is used, adding an extra layer of security, and reducing the risk of car theft.
  • Central Door Locking and Security System: With the press of a button, you can lock and unlock all the doors of the Picanto. This feature not only provides convenience but also enhances safety. The security system also includes a burglar alarm to alert the owner of unauthorized access attempts.
  • ISOFIX: The ISOFIX feature is a blessing for families with young children. It allows child safety seats to be securely fixed, ensuring the young are safely seated during the journey.

Competitive Edge in the Market

The KIA Picanto 2023 faces stiff competition from vehicles like the Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Wagon-R. However, it holds its ground thanks to its modern features like airbags, ABS, and IsoFix, often missing from competitors. Moreover, its feature-packed offerings come at a competitive price range of PKR 33.5 – 38.3 lacs.

Maintenance and Care

The best part about owning a Picanto in Pakistan is its hassle-free maintenance. Proper maintenance and care are essential to keep the KIA Picanto 2023 running smoothly and ensure it retains its value over the years.

Local Assembly Advantage: As Picanto is locally assembled in Pakistan, finding parts and service outlets becomes relatively easier. This is especially crucial for regular maintenance checks and any necessary repairs.

Parts Availability: While some might argue that the parts are a tad expensive, their availability is commendable. Whether it’s a minor or a major component, car owners can relatively easily source them, ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t remain grounded for extended periods.

Expert Technicians: With KIA’s growing presence in Pakistan, there’s a rise in technicians and mechanics trained specifically for KIA models. They understand the intricacies of the vehicle and are better equipped to diagnose and fix problems.

Regular Service Check-ups: Like all modern vehicles, the KIA Picanto 2023 benefits from regular service check-ups. This help identify potential issues before they become major problems and optimize the car’s performance and fuel efficiency.


The KIA Picanto 2023 undoubtedly offers the ultimate hatchback experience for car enthusiasts in Pakistan. Its blend of performance, luxury, safety, and affordability makes it an irresistible choice. And for those who wish to enhance their Picanto experience further, Auto2000sports stands as the best top car accessories and auto parts store in Pakistan. We ensure your car is always in its prime condition. Whether you’re a first-time car owner or a seasoned driver, the KIA Picanto 2023 promises an unparalleled driving experience on the bustling roads of Pakistan.


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