From Suspension to Massive Power: Toyota Hilux GR Sport is a Game-Changer!

Toyota Hilux GR Sport

From Suspension to Massive Power: Toyota Hilux GR Sport is a Game-Changer!

Toyota has been a dominant force in the automotive industry, continually delivering top-notch vehicles that cater to varying tastes and needs. The Toyota Hilux is among the automaker’s flagship releases, known for its ruggedness and performance. However, introducing the Hilux GR Sport takes things up several notches. This article delves into the transformative changes in the Hilux GR Sport and why it has disrupted the automotive scene.

The Powerhouse: An Engine Like Never Before

Toyota Australia has introduced an engine that is poised to redefine diesel power. The 1GD 2.8 liter turbodiesel has always been a reliable choice for Hilux lovers. Still, in the GR Sport variant, it has been given a notable boost. Now producing a whopping 221 horsepower from the usual 201 and delivering an impressive torque of 550 Nm, this engine ensures that the vehicle doesn’t just move – it roars!

Transmission and Drive Modes

The transmission plays a pivotal role in a vehicle’s performance, and Toyota didn’t cut any corners here. The six-speed automatic gearbox ensures a smooth transition between speeds. Depending on the selected driving mode, the power can be channeled to the rear wheels or distributed amongst all four, providing flexibility and adaptability to different terrains.

Hilux GR Sport

Suspension Upgrades: The Backbone of Off-Roading

For off-roading enthusiasts, a car’s suspension is its most crucial feature. The Hilux GR Sport has revised suspension settings, making it an off-roader’s dream. The sporty variant boasts KYB monotube shock absorbers, ensuring better stability and control. The removed rear sway bar enhances axle articulation, ensuring the vehicle maintains ground contact even on the roughest terrains.

The “Wide-Track” Platform: Stability Meets Style

Building on the platform of the Hilux Rogue, the GR Sport offers increased height and track width. With a 15 mm height boost and track width expansions of 135 mm at the front and 155 mm at the rear, this vehicle stands tall and provides unparalleled stability.

Aesthetic Upgrades: A Fusion of Function and Elegance

The Hilux GR Sport isn’t just about performance; it’s also a visual treat. The car demands attention with a striking black mesh grille donning the “TOYOTA” script emblem and the GR badge. Including large black fender flares, front aero vents, and an artistically designed front bumper further accentuates its aggressive look.

Additional Features and Accessories

The GR Sport has gone the extra mile in ensuring vehicle safety and enhancing aesthetics. The powder-coated 2mm steel heavy-duty rock rails protect the door sills and vehicle underbody. In terms of functionality, the rear section comes with red recovery points and a pre-installed towing set, making it ready for any adventure.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Sport

Interior Upgrades: Luxury Meets Sportiness

Inside, the Hilux GR Sport speaks of luxury. A rally-inspired leather steering wheel, GR emblems on the front sports seats, a nine-speaker JBL stereo system, and a “Technical Mesh” dashboard trim combine to offer a sporty and plush experience.


The Hilux GR Sport is not just another addition to the Toyota lineup; it’s a statement. It is a game-changer in rugged vehicles with power-packed performance upgrades and eye-catching aesthetics. And for those looking to enhance this beast further, Auto2000sports, the best car accessories and auto parts store in Pakistan, offers a wide range of products to take your vehicle, like the Toyota Hilux GR Sports experience, to the next level. Whether you’re an off-roading enthusiast or crave luxury and power, the Toyota Hilux GR Sport caters to all, ensuring an unmatched driving experience


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