Hyundai TUCSON Ignites Independence Day with a Rs. 100,000 Cash-back Offer!

Hyundai TUCSON Ignites Independence Day with a Rs. 100,000 Cash-back Offer!

A wave of excitement is in the air as Hyundai Pakistan enters the spotlight with its extraordinary Independence Day offer for its TUCSON model. This article dives deep into the dynamics of this offer and sheds light on how Hyundai is redefining automobile celebrations in the Pakistani market.

Hyundai and the Pakistani Automotive Landscape

Over the years, Hyundai has firmly rooted its position in Pakistan’s automobile industry. Since the launch of the Hyundai TUCSON in 2020, it has consistently gained immense popularity, especially within the C-SUV category. The model’s modern exterior and advanced features have made it a favorite choice for many Pakistani consumers. This success story has been painted with the brush of innovation, quality, and Hyundai’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Unravelling the Independence Day Offer

This Independence Day, Hyundai has decided to go big! The brand has announced an exciting Rs. 100,000 cash-back on registering the Hyundai TUCSON. This generous offer applies across all TUCSON model variants – GLS, GLS Sport, and Ultimate. It is a rare and golden opportunity for customers to get their hands on this beauty, combined with such a hefty discount.

Embrace the Spirit of Independence with Hyundai

For many, Independence Day is not just about the history and pride of a nation but also about the spirit of freedom, exploration, and new beginnings. Hyundai’s special offer provides just the right amount of zest for those looking to redefine their driving experiences. Imagine cruising through the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan in a brand new Hyundai TUCSON, and that too, with an added cash-back bonus!

The Offer’s Validity

Potential buyers should mark their calendars because this deal has a limited time frame. The offer is valid for orders created from 14th August 2023 until 30th September 2023. Additionally, the vehicles should be invoiced by or before 30th September 2023.


Hyundai’s Independence Day offer on the TUCSON model is a testament to the brand’s commitment to its customers and innovative approach in the automotive market. Not only does this offer provide financial relief, but it also allows individuals to celebrate the spirit of independence with a touch of style and luxury. Furthermore, with trusted accessory providers like Auto2000sports, car enthusiasts can easily elevate their driving experience to unmatched levels.

For those keen on further enhancing their Hyundai TUCSON or any other vehicle, Auto2000sports emerges as a one-stop solution. Recognized as the best car accessories and auto modification parts store in Pakistan, Auto2000sports offers a vast range of products that add style, functionality, and efficiency to your car. So, after securing the TUCSON with the fabulous Independence Day offer, heading to Auto2000sports can be the next best decision for a vehicle makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Hyundai TUCSON Independence Day offer valid for?

The offer is valid from 14th August 2023 to 30th September 2023, and the vehicle should be invoiced by 30th September 2023.

Which variants of Hyundai TUCSON are covered under this offer?

The cash-back offer applies to all variants of TUCSON – GLS, GLS Sport, and Ultimate.

Can I accept the offer if I register the car after 30th September 2023?

No, the registration should be completed by or before 30th September 2023 to avail of the cash-back offer.

Where can I find premium car accessories for the Hyundai TUCSON?

Auto2000sports is a highly recommended store in Pakistan for top-quality car accessories and auto modification parts.

Has Hyundai introduced any other offers for other models?

As of now, the highlighted offer is specific to the Hyundai TUCSON for Independence Day. However, watching Hyundai’s official channels for upcoming promotions or deals is always a good idea.


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