United Motors Reduces Car Prices in Pakistan: Is It True?

United Motors Reduces Car Prices in Pakistan: Is It True?

United Motors Reduces Car Prices in Pakistan: Is It True?

It’s good news, say many car lovers in Pakistan. The current wave of price reduction in the market has knocked on the door of United Motors, which like other automobile companies, decided to follow the same trend and bring down their prices and add new features to their vehicles. They are going to sell cars at lower prices than before. As you know, taxes on new vehicles have been reduced recently as part of the government’s efforts to promote Pakistan’s local car manufacturing industry.

Who is the owner of United Motors?

United Auto Industries is a Pakistani automobile manufacturer. Sana Ullah Chaudhary (CEO) is the CEO of this company. The company is based in Lahore and was founded in 1999. United Motors is Pakistan’s second largest selling vehicle brand. They offer a wide range of vehicles, including cars, Auto rickshaws, and motorcycles.

United Motors Reduces Car Prices in Pakistan: Is It True?

United Cars in Pakistan 2022

1. United Bravo

The United Bravo car is a small hatchback. United Auto Industries manufacture the car, the second largest selling vehicle brand in Pakistan. The wave of vehicle price reduction continues as United Motors recently announced that it would reduce its car prices in Pakistan. Therefore, this is good news for customers looking to purchase a new car, as they will now be able to get a lower price on a United car.

Specifications and Features of United Bravo Car

The United Bravo is a subcompact car. The Bravo is available in four variants: the Standard, the Special Edition, and the Limited Edition. The Standard and Special Edition variants are powered by a 1.0-liter engine, while a 1.2-liter engine powers the Limited Edition variants. All variants come with a 5-speed manual transmission. Standard features of the Bravo include power windows, power steering, central locking, and an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

2. United Alpha

The United Alpha is a subcompact car by the Pakistani automaker United Motors. It is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan due to its affordability and fuel efficiency. The price of this car is PKR 1,769,000. The company also produces hybrid vehicles as well as commercial vehicles.

Specifications and Features of United Alpha

The United Alpha is a subcompact sedan first introduced in Pakistan in 2021. It is available in three trims: the Standard, the Mid, and the High. The Standard trim comes with manual windows and locks, while the Mid and High trims include power windows and locks, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a reverse camera. It has a five-speed manual transmission or an optional six-speed automatic transmission.

What is the price of the United Car in Pakistan?

A good margin reduces the United Car price in Pakistan, which has sent shockwaves throughout the industry. There are a lot of people who are wondering if this is true or not. The United Bravo car price (old) was 1,619,000. But now the new price of  United Bravo is 1,519,000. It means the reduction is Rs. 100,000. On the other hand, the old price of United Alphas was Rs. 1,886,000, but now the new price is 1,769,000, and the reduction is Rs. 117,000.

Is United Motors reducing car prices in Pakistan?

United Motors is one of Pakistan’s leading automobile manufacturers, and its vehicles are famous for their quality and affordability. Therefore, with this price reduction, people will enjoy the benefits of owning a United car even more. The United cars prices in Pakistan have always been affordable. So, with these reductions, it makes them even more affordable!


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  • FAQs
  • Is United Bravo Pakistani car?
  • Yes, United Bravo is a Pakistani car. United Auto Industries manufacture it. This car has a meager cost and does not come with expensive luxuries that are standard on more expensive models.
  • Which is better, Prince pearl or United Bravo?
  • The two cars are similar in many ways, but some key differences may make one or the other a better choice for you. United Bravo is less expensive, but it doesn’t have some features that Prince Pearl offers. Prince Pearl is a bit more costly but has more features and a more powerful engine. However, both cars are good if you’re looking for an affordable car with basic features. But the benefits of buying a vehicle from United Motors include lower car prices and easier access to quality products.
  • What are the Benefits of Buying a Vehicle from United Motors?
  • There are many benefits of buying a vehicle from United Motors. Firstly, the company is Pakistan’s second-largest selling vehicle brand. This means that they have a good reputation for quality products. Secondly, the company has recently decided to pass on the benefit of reduced prices to their customers. Therefore, it makes their vehicles more affordable for Pakistani consumers. In short, United Motors is a good chance you will find a car that suits your needs and budget.


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